I’m named after Zeus, the King of the Gods in Greek mythology. I’m a 15-month-old Husky/German Shepherd mix. You can see the Husky in my beautiful blue eyes. I’m a little bit shy and well behaved. In my sojourn here at RAWL I’ve been adopted by an in-your-face Beagle puppy.

I’m patient with him, he can’t help it. I also get along just as well with other dogs. I was well cared for in my last home but was crated for long hours which I really disliked. But onwards to my new one!

This past week, zero of my canine colleagues were joined with new owners. The Rappahannock Animal Welfare League (RAWL), 160 Weaver Rd., Amissville, is open 8 to 1 daily. Call 540-937-3283 or visit rawldogs.org.

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