I just realized that I booked my tour to Greece just before, during and after Greek Orthodox Easter which has me a bit concerned. Our travel is booked through a tour site, thus our flights are confirmed in and out of Athens, however they also have us scheduled to visit Mykonos beginning on Good Friday April 6th and transferring from Mykonos to Santorini on Easter day April 8th both transfers via ferry. Will traveling by Ferry be difficult these dates, i.e. crowded with limited sailings? I’m sure the tour company would not have set this itinerary without checking, but I am now getting nervous. The complete itinerary has us arriving in Athens on 4/4/18, traveling to Mykonos via ferry on 4/6 and then Santorini via ferry on 4/8 with a return ferry to Athens on 4/11. I know this gives us a short time in each destination, but I am also wondering if anyone would recommend upgrading to business class on ferries or upgrading to a flight vs ferry between Santorini and Athens? I understand the weather may also be variable this time of year? Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated as I am also wondering if restaurants and/or other attractions or services will be closed down during this week. (we already have hotel bookings) Much thanks!!!

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