Highlights in history on this date:

2016 - Vincent Stanford is sentenced to life in prison for murdering NSW bride-to-be Stephanie Scott

2016 – Vincent Stanford is sentenced to life in prison for murdering NSW bride-to-be Stephanie Scott

54 – Roman emperor Claudius I dies, after being poisoned by his wife, Agrippina.

1792 – Cornerstone of the White House is laid during a ceremony in the District of Columbia.

1815 – British occupy South Atlantic island of Ascension to prevent Napoleon’s escape from St Helena, the closest island.

1844 – Greenwich Mean Time introduced.

1903 – Australian senate votes and selects Bombala in south-eastern New South Wales as site for Australia’s capital.

1923 – Ankara, formerly Angora, becomes new capital of Turkey.

1933 – Australia’s first traffic lights installed in Sydney.

1937 – Germany guarantees inviolability of Belgium.

1943 – Italy declares war on Germany, its former World War II Axis partner.

1944 – British and Greek advance units land at Piraeus during World War II.

1952 – Egypt reaches agreement with Sudan on Nile waters.

1965 – Congo President Joseph Kasavubu dismisses 15-month-old government of Premier Moise Tshombe, and names Evariste Kira as new head of government.

1969 – Soviet Union sends third spacecraft into orbit in as many days, putting seven cosmonauts in space.

1970 – Canada and China announce they will establish diplomatic relations. Taiwan promptly breaks ties with Canada.

1974 – Death of American TV personality-columnist Ed Sullivan.

1987 – Costa Rica’s President Oscar Arias Sanchez wins Nobel Peace Prize for sponsoring plan to end civil wars in Central America.

1988 – Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz becomes first Arabic-language writer to win Nobel Prize for literature.

1990 – Le Duc Tho, co-founder of the Vietnamese Communist Party, dies in Hanoi aged 79.

1992 – The pyramids, the Sphinx and other monuments survive a Cairo earthquake that kills at least 400 and injures more than 4000.

1993 – A fanatical fan of tennis player Steffi Graf is convicted of stabbing her arch-rival Monica Seles but receives only a two-year suspended sentence.

1994 – Swiss police say cult guru Luc Jouret was among the charred bodies found in the deaths that cost the lives of 52 of his disciples.

1995 – A Dusseldorf court finds four young right-wing extremists guilty of setting a fire to a house in Solingen, killing five Turks in the deadliest attack on foreigners in Germany since the Nazi era.

1997 – Queen Elizabeth II begins a controversial visit to India to mark the 50th anniversary of the subcontinent’s independence from Britain.

1998 – A gas explosion sets off a pile of gunpowder used to make illegal fireworks in Tultepec, Mexico, obliterating a two-block area and killing at least 10 people.

1999 – French lawmakers adopt a law giving unwed gay and straight couples the same rights previously limited to the married.

2000 – Muslim Christian riots result in the deaths of 13 Nigerians in Lagos.

2003 – Philippines security forces shoot and kill Fathur Rahman al-Ghozi, allegedly a major figure in regional terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah, following his escape from a Manila prison in July.

2004 – Investigators conduct their first scientific exhumation of “killing fields” in Hatra, northern Iraq, discovering hundreds of bodies they hope will help convict Saddam Hussein of crimes against humanity.

2006 – Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank he founded win the Nobel Peace Prize for their pioneering use of tiny loans – microcredit – to lift millions out of poverty.

2008 – Victorian MP Theo Theophanous stands aside from his portfolios after allegations he raped a woman 10 years earlier. He was cleared of the charges in July 2009 and retired from politics in 2010.

2010 – The rescue of 33 Chilean miners trapped beneath 610 metres of rock ends the longest underground entrapment in history.

2013 – Bill Shorten wins Labor leadership and Tanya Plibersek becomes deputy leader.

2014 – Tony Abbott’s promise to shirtfront Vladimir Putin at the G20 meeting to demand answers about the MH17 disaster prompts a barrage of insults from a Russian news site.

2015 – Investigators find a Russian-made missile brought down MH17 over Ukraine.

2016 – Vincent Stanford is sentenced to life in prison for the murder and sexual assault of NSW bride-to-be Stephanie Scott, whose burnt body was found near Leeton five days after she disappeared in April 2015.

Today’s Birthdays:

Yves Montand, Italian-born singer-actor (1921-1991); Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister (1925-2013); Lenny Bruce, US comedian (1925-1966); Frank Gilroy, US playwright (1925-2015); Nana Mouskouri, Greek singer and politician (1934-); Paul Simon, US singer-musician (1941-); Marie Osmond, US singer (1959-); Kelly Preston, US actress (1962-); Sacha Baron Cohen, British comedian (1971-); Ian Thorpe, Australian swimmer (1982-).

Quote From History:

“One man’s transparency is another’s humiliation.”

– Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Fein, political ally of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

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