Refugees are disrupting social order by camping in public spaces, as Greece is concluding its efforts to resettle over 57,000 refugees into standard refugee camps.

In the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, refugees have taken over community sports grounds, playgrounds, and parks.

Harris, a Thessaloniki resident, used to take his young daughter to play near their house at dusk. Their routine was interrupted around a week ago as many refugees were camped in the playground.

“There were too many refugees here last week. They are not so many now. It was overcrowded last week, and you could not take children inside,” said Harris.

“Yes, there are people everywhere in the park. Now they have left,” said a Thessaloniki resident.

On Sunday, the Thessaloniki police arrested 26 suspects including nine foreigners from Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, UK, and Morocco. They were part of a group of around 150 young anarchists who entered the campus of Aristotle University and painted graffiti and slogans opposing the European Union and Turkey for repatriating refugees.

The group established a tent village for around 1,000 refugees in the university and named it the borderless camp.

The mayor of Thessaloniki criticized the group for illegally commandeering the campus. More on:!language=1

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