Refugee support agencies are reporting a surge in homelessness in northern Greece.

The surge is being attributed to the big rise in refugees avoiding the Greek islands and using the land border from Turkey across the Evros river into Greece instead.

The main city in northern Greece, Thessaloniki, has apparently run out of room completely to house new arrivals.
Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Thessaloniki, Greece.

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  1. Any one can help for the sake of God…may God bless them….this is a worse condition had come for these refugees…where is the human Right organisation who r always claiming that we r the helpers

  2. Europe has nothing to with what happens in those countries.They overpopulated their county compounding the poverty.The woman featured of course shes pregnant.They have nowhere to sleep no job no status in Europe and they make babies.Europe doesn't need irresponsible people.Send them back to fix their countries.

  3. Did he say that she is now pregnant? They left their country with the intent of making a baby inside Europe, and Europeans are still calling these people refugees? Who should take Europe seriously. These people have absolutely no skills and in addition to being a drain on the state they are demanding religious rights. Its obvious to the whole planet that Europe will be extremely weakened by the influx and eventually once there is a spell of prolonged unemployment they will be scapegoated and once again we will be reading about genocide in Europe.

  4. It says they are fleeing from tribal leaders in the border areas of their country who want independence. So why not just go to their country's capital? They are fleeing a local threat, why do they need to leave Pakistan entirely and come all the way to Europe?

  5. After WW II, Germans and Japanese didn't head to rest of Europe or America simply because America had bombed their nations, They stayed home and re-built their own Nations !!! In next 30 years, These people will be asking for Islamic Nation in Greece.

  6. sick comments this hatred makes me so sad. Why do people not see that racism is no solution for your own struggles. It is not the refugees they are not responsible for ur situation it is the the logic of exploitation in our system. Everybody should have the right to choose where he lives (no matter herritage nor income)

  7. what a load of bull, just say they want you dead and they think they can have houses benifits and healthcare. Europe is sick of these people and the EU are on purpose flooding the EU with migrants for one reason only and that these people are the replacement people for us the white natives. The end game here is white genocide and anyone who doubts this want to read the KALERGI PLAN,,,,,,,,,The UN as written this into law, the replacement people, remember that people……

  8. "They dream of nothing, because that's presumably what they have." Uh, no, they got into Greece, illegally, which is what they wanted and chose to do. They are being given some free daily food and they have no bills because they are squatting on someone else's property. What they WANT is MORE FREEBIES from the government!


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