Podilato, which means bicycle in Greek, is the sister restaurant of Bicicletta Italian restaurant at Peppers Gallery Hotel in Canberra. Like Bicicletta, Podilato features a combination of traditional and modern dishes on its menu.

Podilato head chef Sean Mawbey has created a menu of Greek, Spanish and Italian cuisines that highlights fresh seasonal produce, with a focus on tapas and shared plates.

Podilato Head chef Sean Mawbey.

Head chef Sean Mawbey.

“My cooking philosophy is to accentuate the natural flavours and characteristics of the food, and to put a modern-Australian twist on traditional dishes,” said Mawbey.

“When preparing Mediterranean cuisine, I’m particularly fond of seafood but I also like to slow-cook food; it takes time and patience, but it reflects the Mediterranean way of life and is definitely worth the wait.”

Tapas dishes include dips, antipasto, paella balls, beetroot carpaccio and mini gyros, while main dishes include pollo alla diavola (grilled crispy flattened chicken with a chilli and lemon vinaigrette), ragu di agnello (braised lamb shoulder pasta), and pumpkin and sage risotto.

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