Missing in the name “Brewer’s Republic” is any reference to the downtown establishment’s phenomenal food. Beer lovers indeed flock to the modest confines across from City Hall. The taps change so often you’re almost guaranteed a different craft brew every time you visit. You’re also guaranteed great grub. Try the platter of fresh potato chips topped with blue cheese, bacon and scallions. Gourmet grilled cheeses change every week, and the pizza choices are impressive, with the Thai style a favorite. – SETH BOSTER

Justin Vernon, lead vocalist of Bon Iver, would be a shoo-in for “Most likely to be a modern reincarnation of Orpheus” if you were giving out Greek mythology-themed superlatives. Vernon plays the ill-fated lover in Anaïs Mitchell’s 2010 concept album “Hadestown.” A bewitching reimagining of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, the folk opera stays with you long past the last song due to its haunting beauty and eerie relevance. The recording is based off of Mitchell’s musical of the same name. – CALEIGH DERREBERRY

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