My students need books to help them learn about words and phrases that allude to characters from mythology.

My Students

The second you dive into our classroom you feast on bright eyes from diverse cultures, helping hands with various learning styles, imaginative brains representing the full academic spectrum (including approaching and exceeding grade level students), as well as giant smiles speaking over five different languages, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, and Spanish!

Although we are true individuals in our class, we work together amazingly like a Rube Goldberg machine making small and simple things, harmoniously come to pass!

My students are ready to take on our school’s rigorous curriculum and start experiential learning today to become engaging members of our global society!

My Project

Our fourth grade curriculum requires we study words and phrases that allude to characters from mythology. Unfortunately, most of my students do not know anything about mythology beyond what Disney has taught them about Hercules and what they have learned from the Percy Jackson book series.

It would take a Herculean effort to get enough books so that every student in my class has access to their own book, but I am trying!

My classroom library is not Titan in size, but I am hoping that Donors Choose will be the Midas Touch needed to help my classroom get a few extra mythology books to add to the Heroes of Olympus and Magnus Chase series we already have. With these materials my students will have the opportunity to read about and study myths in order to better understand allusions to their characters.

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