My husband and I (40’s/50’s) are planning on a 16-night “road trip” on mainland Greece in mid-October. We like to travel independently and tend to take our time at museums and sites… reading information and contemplating art, history and life. We also like taking long walks and lingering in nature. We don’t like to be constantly on the move or changing locations… yet we want to see it all! We rarely spend only 1 night in a location, preferring 3-5 nights to explore an area more thoroughly. This will be our first trip to Greece and we wish to focus on the major archeological sites, the Meteora (bucket-list!) and enjoying nature. We will be renting a car, and although I am a bit nervous about the mountainous roads on some parts of our trip, I have driven extensively in Portugal and Italy. Here is my itinerary so far… thoughts? Thank you in advance!

2 nights: ATHENS – Including arrival day, realistically, 18 “tourist” hours total. We will stay in Plaka, visit a couple of museums and the Acropolis. I know this isn’t enough time to fully enjoy Athens, but our last several trips were to cities, and we are looking to minimize city-time this trip. Also, we intend another trip to the Islands another time, so will have added time in Athens, then.

4 nights: NAFPLIO – Homebase to see Corinth, Nemea, Mycenae, Tiryn, Epidaurus Theater, Palamidi Castle. I don’t think I can shorten this segment… in fact, I reduced our time in Nafplio from 5 nights in order to add Kalavryta.

2 nights: KALAVRYTA – Kapsia Cave (enroute from Nafplio), Kastria Cave Lakes, Vouraikos Canyon Railway (and hike) and Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust. After reading about the massacre which occurred here at the hands of the Nazis, we feel compelled to stop here to pay our respects, as well as to enjoy the unique natural features of the area.

4 nights: KASTRAKI (or maybe KALABAKA?)- The Meteora, lots of hiking and photography, and Theopetra Cave. I know some may think this is too much time, but it’s a long drive and one of the places I have wanted to see for such a long time… I really don’t want to rush this segment. Also, my husband is a photographer, so we are hoping for changing weather and light, and don’t mind spending time revisiting some beautiful spots we find. `

4 nights: DELPHI – Museum and archeological sites, hike ancient Mt. Parnassos trail (all day, Corycean Grotto to Delphi), exploring nearby villages and relaxing on final day.

Drive directly from Delphi to Athens Airport.

ALTERNATIVELY, I could change the order to: Athens > Nafplio > Kalavryta > Delphi > Kastraki…. and depart from Thessaloniki airport, with a stop in Dion.

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