Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, speaking in his capacity as President of the ruling Frelimo Party, on Friday insisted the Frelimo secretaries for mobilization and propaganda at all levels should know how to impose positive changes in the face of adversity.

He was speaking in the town of Dondo, in the central province of Sofala, at a seminar for party mobilization and propaganda secretaries.

His main theme was that the Party must learn from mistakes made in the past, both by itself and by others. “The world was not always as we know it today, and Frelimo can be no exception”, said Nyusi. “We look at the past through today’s lenses, because we are people of our own time, and we look at the past according to our own perspective”.

“Habitually, throughout the world, one learns both from failures and from successes, and that is the dialectic that has always characterized Frelimo”, Nyusi said.

After taking examples dating back to ancient Greek history, Nyusi looked at the various battles against colonial occupation waged by pre-colonial rulers, which had all failed “due to lack of unity”.

“Today these are simple stories that should inspire us, but yesterday it was a reality, it was a mistake or a success which explains the perspective that existed at that time”, he said.

“Nowadays we cannot allow ourselves the luxury of failing for lack of vision”, stressed Nyusi. “At all moments Frelimo must build a clear vision, corresponding to the time we are living through, as it has always done, because our history is rich in victories and in good examples”.

Frelimo, he insisted, has the task “of leading all Mozambicans, without distinction. Frelimo has an ever greater responsibility that history has thrust upon it”.

“So we are here to organise ourselves, to prepare and to assess the calls from the people whom we serve, so that we can meet their expectations to the full”, Nyusi continued. This would only be possible if the party machinery, represented in Dondo by the secretaries for mobilisation and propaganda, could think strategically and understood that “development is what counts in the construction of the economy”.

He hoped that the meeting would inspire mobilization strategies and means of promoting Frelimo’s image at a time when the party was preparing for this year’s municipal elections and for the presidential, parliamentary and provincial elections of 2019.

“We shall consolidate the trust between leaders at different levels and discuss the best ways of promoting the Party’s image, and strengthening the alignment between Party bodies and social organisations”, added Nyusi. The “social organisations” referred to are the three Frelimo affiliates – the Mozambican Women’s Organisation (OMM), the Mozambican Youth Organisation (OJM) and the Association of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle (ACLLN).

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