N.Y. — One hard-hit lake shore town is taking flooding frustration to
a new level.

going to reach out to every level of government to provide the
assistance to these homeowners that they desperately need,” said Bill
Reilich, (R) Greece Town Supervisor.

means going all the way up to the White House. The Town of Greece,
hard-hit by Lake Ontario’s rising waters, launched a petition Friday
to overturn Plan 2014. It hopes that it can get the attention of
President Trump if it gets 100,000 signatures.

can sign anywhere in the United States can sign on,” Relich said. “So
if you have relatives out of town – the more voices we have, when we
hit that 100,000, we now have the White House’s attention to perhaps
some action here with the plan – whether that be to change the plan or
change the members on the IJC.”

says the idea for the petition came up at a meeting of multiple
neighborhood associations in this area. Greece is also encouraging
other lake shore communities to sign.

think the petition is good,” said Mike Spampinato of Greece.
“Hopefully the people that don’t live down here will help us and sign
this petition and for the other communities too.”

some longtime Edgemere Drive residents say it’s not a realistic
solution. So far the Trump administration has not responded to several
petitions on other issues that have reached 100,000 signatures.

hundred thousand signatures for Washington?” said Mike Maier of
Greece. “I don’t think that’ll get any talk at all. We’re such a
minority here compared to 320 million people that I don’t think
that’ll go far, but I think the solution’s going to be at the state
level, to push Washington to change the rules.”

Klaassen says she knows the Greece petition is competing with a lot
for the president’s attention, but she signed it with cautious optimism.

hoping that it will propel forward and bring this situation into
national light a little bit,” said Klaassen. “But who knows? We’ll see.”

100,000 signatures must be reached within 30 days.

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