My husband and I love to travel, but are madly in love with one another. We like to travel with lots of time to also just sit, sleep in, and enjoy one another instead of insane crazy travel days. That being said, my thought is:

1. NYC to London for three days

2. London to Athens, staying in Athens two nights, one day

3. Flying then to Crete for 7ish?8ish? days

4. Fast ferry over to Santorini (buying into the hype) for two nights one day,

5. If I can fly ? I would then go back to Athens and back to NYC.


And I’m doing Athens first, people. I know everyone says last but I might not want to leave Crete?

I guess only if I can’t get back to Athens quickly from Santorini that would be a problem. Or maybe I could break up Crete with a midway visit to Santorini for one night and go back to Crete? Or is it a HUGE pain to leave the airport for only one day and then go back?

Or….should I just skip Santorini???? You folks that say YES I should skip Santorini – try to remember the first time you were there 🙂 I’m starting to think it is a lot of hype though…maybe not worth the extra money/travel?

Oh – and how bad is it I’m missing Delphi??

Thanks for the help with our happy marriage.


Edited: today, 00:15

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