Judges Oliver Peck, Chris Nunez and Dave Navarro demanded the artists on episode 10 of Ink  Master show mastery of accuracy. 

“Accuracy means the lines and shading end up exactly where you mean them to be,” said artist Frank Ready, a member of the top-performing team on the Paramount Network reality television show. 

Denton tattoo artist Deanna Smith, who works out of Dark Age Tattoo Studio on the downtown Square, joined team member Frank in the accuracy challenge: inking a “mythical creature of the sea.” Smith rightfully complained in her confessional that she wasn’t given much of a chance to show her chops thanks to a domineering teammate Josh Payne. Payne has a tendency to challenge even his coach, in addition to trying to mentally break down the competitors.  

The Elimination Challenge: The artists were instructed to ink a not-so-mythical octopus on their canvas. Teams DJ, Anthony and Steve had to take turns – assembly-line style – creating the lines of the eight-tentacled creature, completing the shading and adding the color. 

Even after Peck tried to dissuade Team DJ from tattooing their octopus shutting itself inside of a jar (or escaping from a jar), warning them that the challenge was about creating an accurate animal – the client would want to see eight legs, the eyes and the suction cups along its tentacles. Team DJ member Josh Payne continued to bulldoze his coach and the team decided to depict their octopus in a jar. 

They paid for the choice by losing the challenge.

Team Anthony won tattoo of the day, leaving Team Steve and Team DJ to do another tag-team tattoo – this time of a mythical creature of the air. When it came to inking the Pegasus of Greek Mythology, both teams failed to create accurate hindquarters of the horse, but Nunez said Team Steve created the more problematic tattoo – with mismatched, asymmetrical wings and snub legs. 

The final challenge was for each member of Team Steve – Fame, Jeremy Brown and Roly T-Rex to compete against each other in the making of a creature of the land: a spotted jaguar. A rift in Team Steve emerged when Steve Tefft chose the style of the tattoo – illustrative gray-scale and black and white. Brown felt targeted by his own coach because his specialty is illustrative color tattoos. 

Even though Fame and Brown chose the same inspiration – an image of a jaguar stalking the viewer – Brown ended up with the better image. Roly claimed his safe spot by inking a leaping jaguar, and Fame was sent packing.  

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