For an authentic and traditional Greek salad with loads of sunny Greek island flavour, look no further than this recipe!

Red, ripe tomatoes are the base for any good Greek salad. Watch and learn the secret to an authentic salad, without the need for lemon juice or vinegar. The secret is salting the tomatoes and letting them sit, which lets all of the acidic juices from the tomato mix with the olive oil to create a delicious dressing. Crusty bread is essential to mop up every last delicious drop!

With the base salad of tomatoes, onion, salt, oregano and olive oil, you can then add your favourite traditional additions – as many or as few as you’d like:

— Crumbled Feta cheese
— Greek olives
— Sliced green pepper
— Sliced cucumber

Make this authentic Greek salad a regular part of your summer recipe rotation – it’s great for barbecues, picnics, parties and light summer suppers in the garden.

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