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Giannis Antetokounmpo looks to have organized an operation that will lead to Milwaukee Bucks teammate Sterling Brown having to contemplate how to restore his vehicle to working order.

In retaliation for Brown evidently failing to perform some tasks (possibly towel-related, per some giddy Giannis dialogue) mandated by his rookie status, Antetokounmpo hatched a pan to fill Brown’s SUV with popcorn. This wasn’t just a for-show, front seat-only job; Greek Freak and Co. made sure barrels of popcorn were used pranking the second-round pick.

A gleeful Giannis looks on as Brown discovers what’s become of his vehicle.

He of 40 career points in 14 games, Brown — who played at SMU — may be known as the popcorn guy until he can make a better NBA name for himself. He’ll have time for that, but overshadowing the sheer volume of popcorn used here will be difficult.

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