Watch Greek food at Felicos Restaurant in Richmond BC. Find out what Felicos Platter is like and what comes with it. The Felicos Platter serves two people and before you get the platter itself there are two servings (two plates) of Greek salad, a bowl of hummus, pita bread and a bowl of shrimps on ice.

The Felicos Platter itself consists mainly of calamari, chicken, lamb, red onions. In addition to that you’ll get another plate with two servings of rice, two baked half potatoes, cooked carrots and green beans.

Although the Felicos Platter is meant for two people, 3 people can get pretty full when they get it for lunch.

The owner of this restaurant is from Cypress so I guess the restaurant is really a Greek Cypriot restaurant and not a Greek restaurant. I’m not sure if there is a substantial difference between the too. If there is I didn’t notice it

Everything tasted great and we were very satisfied with the food.

The service was excellent.





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