Estiatorio Lithos, Greek restaurant is located at 405 Eisenhower Parkway, Livingston, NJ 07039, Essex County. We are serving Greek food the community of Livingston, Essex County and all surrounding areas, we provide an authentic Greek eating experience.

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  1. Είναι επειδή τα χρειάζεσαι, ανάγωγε. Όσο μιλάς τόσο περισσότερο καταλαβαίνω πως είσαι χαμένη υπόθεση. Εξακολουθείς και επιμένεις στις σαχλαμάρες που λες. Maybe you are just jealous that you are not in Greece and I am! I will give you one thing – you are definitely the troll master on this page. Well done. You must be proud of yourself or your obvious lack of IQ. All the best to ya.

  2. And no, Greece is not only about ouzo and opa but your review seems to suggest that you think so. So please take your ignorance to the cave u crawled from. Oh and also if you are Greek you will understand that είσαι μάλλον αρκετά άξεστος να προσβάλεις κάποιον που δεν γνωρίζεις και ούτε έχεις το φιλότιμο να σκεφτείς οτι ξέρεις μπορεί να έχεις συνομιλία με άνθρωπο που ζει στην Ελλάδα. Και είσαι αρκετά νοητικά υποβαθμισμένος για να προσβάλεις και την διασπορά των Ελλήνων. Ντροπή σου.

  3. well… you've got to be a really self absorbed sad little αρχ*δια person with a limited command of both English and Greek to reply in this way. So you can't believe that someone that lives in Greece could reply huh? First if you speak greek write in greek. or you haven't been tought how? Second youtube is available -yes- in Greece too & I am typing in Athens with sunshine outside.

  4. well… got to be either the owner of the place or a relative of his….unless if u are the familys lawyer…..let me tell u dear…………im notone of u greek-american girls that say they are greek and cant even speak their language and the only thing they know is OPA and ouzo……so chill a little bit..or THA SOU KLASO T ARXIDIA!!!ask ur father to tell u what ioes trhat means!!!!so better go to greece for one time in ur life u spoiled greek-american girl and then gimme lessons bitch

  5. on another note maybe alamamamas is an unhappy nearby restaurateur whose clientele has decided to eat at lithos. or a troll. or both. All the best of luck Lithos. I hope I get a chance to visit you one day, great job in representing Greece all the way across the Atlantic – keep up the good food!

  6. you know greek is not only the blue and white of the cycladic islands. There is the rest of the country with many mountains and there are also seasons in Greece like winter and autumn, u know??? Plus drinks have to cater for all tastes. This is the first time i have seen this restaurant and this video but i do live in Greece and you should refrain from giving uneducated ignorant reviews!!!!! I think they have done a great job representing contemporary Greek interior design and cuisine.

  7. with all the respect you have no idea what you are talking about. Either you have never set foot in Greece or any museum or you decided to wear a blindfold when you went. They obviously have chosen to use some of the darker colours of the Greek pallette. Like the black and red of the pottery and ceramics, the red of the tile rooftops, the grey and green colours of the olive tree, the brown of the soil around the olive groves, the beige of some of the internationally renowned greek marbles.

  8. WOW…..are u for real?And you want to convince us now that this is a greek restaurant?with all the respect just by watching the fotos on this small clip….there is nothing that reminds me of GREECE!the decoration doesnt has anything associated with the greek culture or with greece itself and even the drinks on the fotos (what the heck-margaritas?)are not greek!!!OUZO and RAKI i think would fit better!Sorry guys but this clip and the decoration in general is….A FAILURE!!!


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