1. It amazes me how ancient Greek, and other nations, HAD NO ISSUES WITH BEING NAKED.. While in our "civilized age, we can ne be naked in public or on social media. of course, there is some exceptions, but if you have pictures of naked boys you can be charged with "porno". an artist with a young daughter whose photo was taken naked.. mother fell in problem with the moral guardian police, daughter was taken from the mother. it took patience and big mind in order to put back things in a normal shape. daughter was reunited with mother. the scar or scare is there in my mind, still. we live really in a savage moral prison, no envy for that.

  2. Just curious. How many Greeks here feel their Pagan roots calling? I recently saw a video from Vice about Hellenic Re-constructionists, and being a Celtic one myself, I am wondering if this compulsion is more widespread?

  3. Don't "demonize" the word demon before you even get out of the ignorance imposed unto you by the ruling powers of the actual moments of the earth. 
    for those of you seeking for some more truth actually independent but factual which gives us some sense of what the world is going to go through. visit the JOY OF SATAN website and please before any criticism read everything you can with an open mind and investigate for yourself. when you make up your mind empower yourselves and help us fight for the future of humanity.
    Namaste! Sat Nam!

  4. There is no indo-european tribe and origin of greeks and their language.Nothing such has been proved.It is british and german propaganda,some people of these two countries that want to rule over europe peoples.

  5. I love it… Thank you for sharing!! It would be sooo great to have the lyrics… Do they exist somewhere? And which pronunciation is it (I mean from what period)? Sorry for my English 😀


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