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Can’t make up your mind whether to have Greek or Italian? Try this chicken dish that permeates the Mediterranean flavours of both Greece and Italy. Enjoy it with a nice white wine such as a riesling to match the sweetness of the sauce, or if you prefer reds, than a light red such as a Gamay or Pinot Noir, even a Rose will go very well.



  1. Just made this, and wow! The combined flavors of the olives, fetta, chicken and prosciutto really make this a VERY delicious chicken thigh. Definitely goes great with a salad too.

  2. Hi!! I loved the way you cooked.. I really love it, easy way, no talking and less time..
    Im a food lover,lol
    I used to watch Laura vitale and Fabio.
    I loved them both..
    but when I saw you video on Facebook wow!! just wow!!
    thanks!!! more video please!!
    good luck!!

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