Hi my husband and I are planning a trip to Europe in early or mid July. We would love to go to the Greek islands. Things we are looking for:

-not too hot

-not touristy

-no tours

-boutique or reasonably luxurious areas (aka no camping/hostels)


-again not touristy or filled with people but has good areas with services (restaurants, grocery, shops, a small spa would be lovely)

-countryside or small towns, no large cities

-good food

-trying to stay under $4500 for the whole trip including lodging, food, flights, car/train/bus, and any extras.

-10 to 12 days

-coming from NYC

-We plan to travel around the area so need multiple suggestions on places to visit. We can drive (rent car) or take boats or trains or fly.

Do you advisors have any suggestions for us? Tysm!

P.s. does not have to be just this area if you have other ideas for Europe.

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