a stasimo “Orestes” by Euripides
fragment of ancient Greek music
performed by Daemonia Nymphe Δαιμονια Νυμφη
live in Graz Austria Helmut-List-Halle
Music arranged by Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou
Daemonia Nymphe are : Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou
Session musicians: Maria Stergiou,Eleni Efthymiou,Vaggelis Paschalides,Thodoris Chytiris
Reproductions of ancient Greek instruments by Nikolaos Brass



  1. "You wild goddesses who dart across the skies seeking vengeance for murder, we implore you to free Agamemnon's son from his raging fury… We grieve for this boy. Happiness is brief among mortals. Sorrow and anguish sweep down on it like a swift gust of wind on a sloop, and it sinks under the tossing seas."

  2. Που είσαι Ευριπίδη το νερό στέρεψε και ο Απόλλωνας … θαρρείς πώς πια σου μιλά από της πεσμένες κολόνες, αλλά μόνο ακατέργαστους ήχους..

  3. I have several musical versions of this and I must say this is outstanding. The visual impact is striking. "I groan, I groan, thinking of the blood of your mother, the blood that drives you mad. Good fortune has no stability among mortals: like the sail of a speeding boat, a god rocks it and engulfs it in horrible misfortune, fatal, voracious as the waves of the sea. Translation from Petros Tabouris: Music of Greek Antiquity (A great reconstruction also).


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