Natalia Gaspari, the rising culinary star at Alpha in the Sydney CBD, is striking out with her own restaurant, adding to a growing pile of new Greek venues across the city. Gaspari, Peter Conistis’ long-serving deputy at Alpha who jumped in the limelight on SBS TV’s The Chefs’ Line, has been spotted around the streets of Ramsgate in Sydney’s south.

The chef says she is opening a restaurant in a few weeks time with Arthur Balayannis on Ramsgate Road. Gaspari’s first menu will include black olive and octopus pie, and lobster with ricotta custard served on a savoury biscuit. “Peter [Conistis] and I have got the same idea about the way we cook and respect food,” she says.

Gaspari believes Ramsgate is ripe for new venues. “I’ve been living in the area for the past 18 months, it’s full of takeaway shops, hopefully it’s a good time to open,” she says. She isn’t the only one to eye an opportunity in Ramsgate – Greek patisserie the Good Filo opened last month on Rocky Point Road.

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